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Air Jordan News


He won six NBA championships. He is a man who deserves the name" hegemony" in the history of basketball. He is Michael Jordan . On 22nd, October, after a sincere invitation Tencent from millions of users, as well as numerous negotiations with Jordan , trapeze finally officially finished with Tencent and 2K Sports and Visual Concepts jointly developed sports online "NBA2K Online" contract , becoming Derek after Ross second signing superstar of the game .

"NBA2K Online" as "NBA2K" based on the original development of the online version, the original basis of a lot of improvements : matching system will support a number of players in real time connection , smooth battle ; games based on the new stand-alone mode on a 3V3 freedom Versus street ball , and the world's first basketball PVE mode ; localized Asian style , so players can use the Chinese player aspect the NBA ; while Beijing Sanlitun , the famous Oriental Pearl attractions also become a game scene .

Recently , "NBA2K Online" announced that it will officially open on October 24 is not limited number of tests. Players can then directly through their QQ account login game without activation. In the game users can receive Jordan successfully created the role of print spree .

Michael Jordan , the idol is coming

As the the most important strategic -level products of Tencent games in 2012 on sports segment, and 2K Sports to enter the Chinese online game market 's first sports game masterpiece , while signing Jordan and Ross , fully demonstrates the two companies together, make bigger strong commitment to China sports game market segments . The two superstars signing will also give "NBA2K Online" huge aura.

Challenge Jordan, pick up Bulls collection spree

In early October, the media has revealed the news began to have "NBA2K Online" positive sign with Jordan , immediately sparked great debate across the Internet, even while 70,80,90 sparked a spectacular three generations of basketball fans while enthusiastic response , more than one million users have through micro-blog, support forums spontaneous "NBA2K Online" contract with Jordan , which is unprecedented in the history of Chinese online game development.

Flyer has an obvious impact on the basketball world, but how the game can effect ? Two years ago , 2K11 relied on Jordan's endorsement in one fell swoop to beat EA basketball game and aboarded the dominant position . and then the entire gaming industry also set off a boom in Jordan . "NBA2K Online" successfully signed Michael Jordan, only to re- evoke memories of countless fans of blood , but also will set off a "NBA2K Online" real basketball game craze.

To welcome the arrival of the trapeze and unlimited number of test operations team prepared a very awesome "Me and Jordan agreed ," a series of activities for the majority of basketball fans . In addition to popularity as a double value , NBA players and other traditional content packs are covered which will be led by Michael Jordan 96 Bulls debut as creating a history of 72 wins and 10 losses, the best record of the teams , players now have the opportunity to personally with them in the game against rewriting history. Meanwhile , just log online games daily and cumulative two hours , you can receive 96 Bulls spree , and players have an goloden opportunity to gain valuable Jordan virtual football card .

Challenge Jordan , do your own MVP

Jordan has a profound influence on the basketball. To this day, Michael Jordan is still the benchmark to measure any great player , that the benchmark can never go beyond . In "NBA2K Online" , you can also like Jordan to write your own basketball legend.

Join in the "NBA2K Online", challenging Jordan , to do their own MVP!

"NBA2K Online": Here , you are the MVP!