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Air Jordan News

The official retail of air Jordan in Miami recently gives us a duo for new. They not only decorated the shop again, but cooperated with the local famous artist Johnny Robles and released a new air Jordan shoes as the topic of parrot camouflage color. In the color, the new shoes and the new style from the shop decoration have the same style. The color they used is bold and eye-catching.
BRAND NEW Womens Air Jordan Retro 4 (IV) - Black Red White

BRAND NEW Womens Air Jordan Retro 4 (IV) - Black Red White

The camouflage color will give you a perfect reflection of the summer atmosphere.
The new designs of the air Jordan has become more and more popular, which it is obvious for every one to feel. There are more and more limited edition to be sold in the retails. Of course, there is another issue caused by the high popularity of air Jordan shoes, which is that the fans have to filed into a long line for the buying it. Some people never thought the new styles of Jordan will be so hot that they may not have the chance to get a new one.
Though it is equal between sneakerhead and the fans of air Jordan, it can’t be denied that most of the sneakerhead is a firm supporter of the air Jordan. They have not power to resist the charm from Jordan shoes. This time the fashionable site has exampled one hundred pairs of shoes worth collecting. Every one might as well have a look at this and check how many you have owned among these classic collection.